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Leaf Chain Assemblies

In addition to supplying individual leaf chainsanchor bolts, blocks and pins, FB Leaf Chain offers pre-assembled leaf chain assemblies that can be issued directly onto assembly lines.

Our leaf chain assemblies can be tailor-made to suit an OEM’s specific requirements, to address a particular application or assembly need and to ease scheduling and supply-related issues.

In our products, leaf chain is pre-cut to length (which eliminates chain stock loss) and assembled with individually designed leaf chain anchor bolts and blocks (leaf chain clevises).

  • Coatings, lubricants and surface finishes are also applied to all parts according to application.
  • Leaf chain and anchors (clevises) can be delivered in temporary protective plastic tubing to reduce leaf chain contamination and assist clean assembly.
  • Permanent protection can be provided in the form of heat-shrunk Neoprene applied to specially lubricated leaf chain and is recommended for difficult environments.
  • Specific heat treatments, integral bushings or bearings, for example, can all be supplied to specification.
  • Complete component packages bring together the whole family of parts required and including items as diverse as composite bushings and nylon stops.
  • Other complementary parts can be supplied including mast pulleys (sheaves), leaf chain rollers and mast pivot pins.


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