FB Leaf Chain solutions

Leaf Chain Solutions

FB Leaf Chain formulates leaf chain solutions and manufactures quality leaf chain and leaf chain assemblies for the most demanding of materials handling applications. Our leaf chain, and its machined parts, is produced from specialist steels to withstand shock loads, reduce elongation, maintain strength and resist wear.

All FB Chain manufacturing procedures are compliant with the ISO 9000 Quality Management System. Each batch of leaf chain is issued with a test certificate to enable it to be traced back through the manufacturing process to the raw material.

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Leaf Chain Assembly

Our leaf chain assembly solutions are tailor-made to address specific applications and to ease scheduling and supply-related issues.  Leaf chain is cut to length to eliminate stock loss and support lean manufacturing practice.

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All FB Chain’s leaf chain and anchor bolts have a highly visible link showing the tracking or batch number which enables the complete manufacturing  process to be traced back to its raw materials.

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FB Leaf Chain provides exceptional quality, service and consultation. We will work closely with your design, engineering, procurement and scheduling departments to provide solutions for all your leaf chain needs.

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