Leaf Chain Kits

Leaf chain kits. At FB Chain, we know that there are more intelligent and useful ways to deliver leaf chain than on an enormous spool or just packed randomly in a box.

Wouldn’t it be better if it was cut to length and packed in the precise order you are going to use it in your assembly process? Clearly identified? Perhaps with the minimum of packaging for environmental reasons? And boxed efficiently to save storage space?

And why get the leaf chain, anchor bolts and associated parts separately? That just means you’ll spend extra time assembling them – why not receive the whole assembly – ready to fit? 

We can supply a wide range of leaf chain kits and package solutions to ease scheduling issues, eliminate stock loss, and save valuable time on the production line.

There are many ways we can help you to save time and money on the production line, such as:

  • Intelligent packing – reducing the warehouse space required, and making leaf chain easier to use and integrate into production
  • Just in time delivery to minimise stock levels
  • Plug and play assemblies 
  • Split packages 
  • Reduced packaging – saving costs and environmentally friendly

By taking a consultative approach we can help you to speed up production, reduce bottlenecks and seamless integrate leaf chain assembles into your production scheme.