The word sustainability seems to be everywhere nowadays, but what does it actually mean? There seems to be no fixed definition. If something is sustainable, then it means it is long-lasting, environmentally friendly, durable or even reasonable. It aims at ecological and economic responsibility and uses existing resources carefully so that they are preserved in the long term. The stock should be renewed naturally so that all living beings can continue to live well in the future.

Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture. Addtech has set itself high goals for 2030 to achieve 100% sustainable business.

Business policy

  • WE support our customers in the sustainable development of their production processes
  • WE generate added value for our production partners, support them in their sustainable development and check that they comply with our supplier code of conduct
  • WE work diligently to improve our sustainable results and reporting to create long-term value for our manufacturing partners, employees and owners

Environmental policy

  • WE try to counteract global warming and limit our impact on the climate
  • WE reduce the consumption of resources, especially energy and materials
  • WE develop optimized chain solutions that achieve a longer service life and reduce our customers’ energy consumption
  • WE are guided by the goals of the Paris Agreement

Social policy

  • WE ensure our business ethics aim for fairness, decency, diversity and equal opportunities for our employees
  • WE ensure a safe and healthy working environment
  • WE offer good working conditions and maintain long-term relationships with our production partners

At Addtech, sustainability is very important. More information can be found here.