The advantages of a Chain Wear Gauge

The FB chain wear gauge was designed to specifically address the common problems previously associated with the ‘Tape/Steel Rule’ methods.

Having studied all the other versions that were available in the market we noted that several of these, sold and distributed by major OEMs, used measured leaf chain lengths of between 12” – 15”.

When measuring leaf chain, a compromise needs to be made in determining the length of leaf chain to be measured. Too long a length and there will be a danger of diluting the true extent of the wear, while too short a length will require far greater measuring accuracy than is generally available out in the field.

There is strong evidence that it is rarely possible to accurately find the centre line by other ‘visual’ methods.

With this in mind, the FB ‘Professional Chain Wear Gauge’ incorporates “V”-jaws for positive pin location and removing the necessity for estimating the position of the pin centre line.

The FB Chain Gauge has a window which gives a direct reading of leaf chain wear. This eliminates any need for calculation and removes any confusion or possible error associated with an arithmetical calculation.

FB Chain and HSE were closely involved in the drafting of the BITA guidance note GN15 therefore FB has no hesitation in recommending that “Competent Persons” should follow all the guidelines contained within it.

The FB Professional Chain Wear Gauge is an instrument designed to fully assist the “Competent Person” by ensuring complete compliance with the GN15 process.

What makes the FB Chain Wear Gauge a better option than tape or steel rule?


  • While a tape or steel rule requires visual line up and a totally steady hand, the FB Chain Gauge incorporates “V”-jaws that always locate on the centre of the relevant pin to ensure accurate measurement.
  • The percentage of elongation is directly shown in the “Percentage wear” window to ensure complete clarity of the results.

Consistency and repeatability

  • The positive location of the “V”-jaws used on the FB Chain Wear Gauge means that the results can be checked and repeated with ease.

Ease of use

  • Every FB Chain Gauge is supplied with full and comprehensive instructions that describe the process of measurement in detail and give clear guidance on the correct process to be followed.  
  • With the ease of use of the chain gauge, and the positive location on the pin ends, it is equally effective whether in the hands of a skilled engineer or a complete novice.

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