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Bespoke chain assembly kits, delivered just in time

The industry

We are proud to say we can help you save time with our chain assembly kit. Telehandlers are big business. The market is booming – and shows no signs of slowing down, with analysts predicting growth of almost 6% between now and 2022.

But can manufacturers keep up?

When demand is high, a flexible and agile supplier can make a huge contribution to the speed of production – and we’re doing all we can to help. This is where our chain assembly kit takes centre stage.

Why chain assembly kits?

Component design

Choosing an off-the-shelf component can lead to complications further down the line, so we always advise our OEM customers to work with us. Together, we can ensure customers get the right specification – and that it’s easy and cost-effective to assemble.

First, we start with the design of the components.

It’s important that our OEM customers think about how they are assembled right from the start so we can ensure they get the optimum specification for ease and cost of assembly.

Pre-cut chain

Next we remove one stage of the chain assembly process by providing the chain – cut to the right length with the anchor bolts already attached – and the accompanying pulley in a leaf chain assembly kit.

The kit can then be mounted directly onto the boom from the pallet, easing scheduling issues, eliminating stock loss and saving valuable time.


We remove a further production stage by lubricating the chain ready for service so that it doesn’t have to be done after the machine is built.

Many other suppliers simply deliver their chain coated in a high grade of oil – which will prevent it from rusting on a shelf, but not when out in the field.

Just-in-time delivery

Not that you’ll find our chain sitting on a shelf. We understand the importance of keeping a low inventory and pride ourselves on our short lead times and just-in-time delivery to help customers maintain optimum stock levels.

Over the last few years, we’ve increased both our capacity and flexibility by investing in four new robots, who can work through the night if they have to, ensuring we always deliver on time.

Increasing production output and lowering cost should never be at the expense of quality and safety, however. Quality and safety are crucial to both our OEM customers and end users – and are part of our DNA.

Guaranteed traceability 

Compliant with the ISO 9000 Quality Management System, our leaf chain and machined parts are produced from specialist steels that are designed to withstand shock loads, maintain strength, minimise elongation and resist wear.

Each product is issued with a test certificate and is clearly marked with a tracking or batch number, allowing it to be traced back to its raw materials.

Other product features increase the attractiveness of our customers’ machines as a whole when selling to the end user.

Housed inside the boom, leaf chains and associated parts are difficult to service so we include a special rust prevention coating on the chain and self-lubricating bushes on the pulley.

This attention to detail makes the final telehandler much easier for the end user to maintain and reduces the downtime required for servicing.

It might seem cliché, but our ambition genuinely is to be the best partner for our customers – to work with them to design the right boom solution, to help them be efficient and profitable in their operations, and to contribute to a high-quality and appealing product overall for the end customer. Their success is our success.

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