Chain Wear Gauge FAQ – FB Chain professional - Leaf Chain

Chain Wear Gauge FAQ – FB Chain professional

Why should I use a Chain Wear Gauge?

Leaf chain is deemed to be worn beyond its safe service life when the nominal pitch length has been extended by 2% to 3%. At this point, the fatigue life of the leaf chain is reduced and the ultimate breaking strength is considerably lower.

A leaf chain that is elongated by 2% is becoming dangerous and the competent person must determine a safe time limit for replacement.

A leaf chain that is elongated by 3% must be renewed immediately. Until the leaf chain is renewed, the equipment to which it is fitted must not be used.

The best way to check for elongation is by using a professional and reliable chain wear gauge to measure the chain.

How can I check that my FB Chain Wear Gauge is calibrated and measuring correctly?

There is a window on either side of the gauge that shows the percentage wear when measuring your leaf chain or roller chain. When the gauge is closed as much as possible this window will check the calibration of the chain wear gauge.

If the black arrow points to either of the Red sections, – or +, the gauge is no longer calibrated. The image above is an example of a calibrated gauge.

We recommend that every time the gauge is used that you check it for correct calibration.

Please also check the ‘V’ jaws that the rivet pin sits in, whilst the gauge is measuring a length of chain. If the jaws are damaged, then the gauge is unlikely to be measuring accurately.

Can the FB Professional Chain Wear Gauge be calibrated or adjusted?

No, the gauges are calibrated precisely during manufacture and to prevent accidental alteration they are not adjustable. If your gauge becomes damaged and is no longer calibrated, then you will need to replace your FB Chain Wear Gauge.

What is the expected life of this gauge?

Our customers that are using the gauges tell us that they can last for a long time. With two to three inspections a day we estimate that they would last three to five years. The life of a gauge is dependent on usage and how the gauge is treated. For example, feedback from users tells us that if the plastic type of gauge is left in a vehicle for an extended period, in strong sunlight, then the gauge can warp.

It is because of this that we have developed a metal gauge. This gauge has only been on the market for a year or so, and so we don’t yet have any data on the working life of this gauge. However, we would anticipate it being more robust than a plastic version.

Is the device manufactured in accordance with any Industry Standards?

The original design was trialled using ISO6906:1984 for Vernier Callipers but it was decided that there was not a relevant standard to work to for this tool. (As a company we are ISO 9001:2015 qualified, which ensures that our end-to-end processes are consistent and of a high standard.)

How do I use the Chain Wear Gauge?

For full instructions and further information please visit our Chain Wear Gauge page on our website or watch our video which gives you step by step instructions.

Further questions

For any other questions regarding our Chain Wear Gauge – or on leaf chain – please get in touch and one of our experts here at FB Chain will be happy to assist.

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