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Six ways to save time and money with leaf chain assemblies

But what if the chain in the box was already cut to length? What if it already had the components attached – so the box contained complete leaf chain assemblies? And what if it could be packed so it was easy to take it out and use directly on the assembly line?

When a supplier takes a consultative approach the savings can be dramatic – just by finding out how you are using the chain in your manufacturing process and offering you a range of packing options, assembled packages and suggestions for ways you could speed up production or reduce inefficiencies in the way you use leaf chain. This, coupled with a Just In Time approach to supplying components, saves significant time, warehouse space and wastage.

Here are the various ways we have helped real clients by supplying exactly what they wanted – exactly HOW they wanted it, saving them time and money and speeding up production.

General principles

All chain we provide is packed in an intelligent way and provided with clearly marked information such as purchase order number, part number and week number.

1. Packed for high volume and environmentally friendly

Even the simplest form of packing can be thoughtfully and helpfully planned to save time and money. Rather than anonymous chain in a box, this packing scheme is easy to access, simple to understand and easy to use. 

  • Individual chain cut to length chain, with all parts fixed to the chain and laced into a pallet
  • Ideal for high volume
  • Each chain assembly is colour coded for easy identification, along with the same colour label on the front of the pallet which simplifies work instructions
  • Eco-friendly as the chain is packed directly into the pallet with no additional packaging
  • Minimises storage as there is no wasted space in the pallet

2. Assemblies packaged to reduce storage

Within any business storage space is always at a premium. The less space the parts for manufacturing take up – the less your warehouse costs and associated overheads. Leaf chain packed badly can take up more space than is necessary, so we always pack for minimal storage.

Most leaf chain is used with anchor bolts at each end – and we can supply these already attached to the correct length of chain, avoiding the need for cutting chain on the shop floor and saving the time spent assembling anchor bolts.

In this example, the leaf chain is cut to length and attached to anchor bolts and then packed in a way to minimise storage space.

  • Each bag contains an individual, cut-to-length chain, assembled to two anchor bolts
  • Multiple packs of these leaf chain assemblies are packed in a single pallet
  • The chain is laced into squares to increase the number stored in each pallet and thus reduce warehouse space
  • Each is packed in a separate bag for ease of use and cleanliness
  • Labels on each kit detail the information that is required, such as purchase order number, part number, week number. Aiding in stock control and traceability

3. Intelligent packing of related parts

We think about every aspect of the packing and packaging of our leaf chain assemblies. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to use in production.

Chain components may be bought in bulk and will have to be stored for some time. In this instance, the packaging needs to keep assemblies together and prevent contamination. When it comes to using the chain, it can take extra time to extricate the chain assemblies without kinking them – so here we have mounted and laced each assembly to a card.

Any additional components associated with the chain assemblies can also be packed in the same box – creating a pallet that has everything needed to produce a set number of products.

4. A machine in a box

This one pallet contains every chain-related component required to produce one machine. The operator on the production line knows that they have everything they need for the machine in front of them, and it’s always clear that everything has been installed.

  • Each chain is cut to length and assembled to the anchor bolts
  • 72 different components, all in one box
  • Includes sealed for life pulleys
  • Some parts are assembled and some not – according to the customer’s requirements
  • All the split pins that are required for assembly are included
  • The parts are laid out in a way that allows the end-user to pull the chain from the pallet and fix to a mast with ease

5. Split packages that plug into the production line

Sometimes machines require more than one set of chains, to be installed at separate locations on the production line, or maybe another process has to take place in-between. We can supply components in split packages – this allows the right components to be in the right place for quick assembly.

  • These two pallets, when combined together, contain chain assemblies for five machines
  • The pallets include all the required parts, including split pins
  • Some parts are assembled, and some are not – according to the customer’s requirements
  • Kits are packed and assembled in the best way to aid the assembly process
  • Each pallet can be delivered to the correct part of the assembly line at the point the particular assemblies are required
  • The assemblies are laid out in a specific manner that reduces manufacturing time

6. Just in Time packages

To save storage space and the subsequent costs, we can supply to a Just In Time methodology, supplying exactly the right number of components at exactly the right time. We have ordering and rapid manufacturing systems in place to ensure this runs smoothly and painlessly. We can also increase or decrease the supply quickly and easily to suit production fluctuations, seasonal variations or increasing demand.

Here, we have a pallet with the parts for a set production cycle.

  • This pallet contains one week’s demand of various chain assemblies for all the machines being built that week.
  • The leaf chain is cut to length and assembled to the anchor bolts and supplied along with all necessary split pins, nuts and any other ancillary items
  • Bags are used to keep the assemblies clean and avoid contamination
  • Each assembly is packed in a separate bag for ease of use
  • Labels are on each kit detailing the information that is required, such as purchase order number, part number, week number. This aides stock control and traceability
  • Several packs in one pallet for easy, space-saving warehouse storage

Bottom line

Here at FB Chain we don’t just manufacture chain and sling it in a box, we think and plan how we assemble, pack and deliver our leaf chain to bring the maximum possible benefits to our customers. In fact, we put as much thought and care into this as we do our design and manufacturing of the leaf chain and associated parts.

Not only can leaf chain assemblies save you money, but the way we deliver them can speed up your production, reduce storage needs and save money too.

Why not talk to us about how we could look at your manufacturing process and suggest ways you could save time and money by working with us to supply exactly what you need, the way that you need it, when you need it.

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