Leaf chain pulley

Leaf Chain Pulleys

We manufacture simple leaf chain pulleys for forklifts (see designs tips) which are perfect for slow moving and low frequency applications. These leaf chain pulleys are supplied with bushes fitted and fully assembled. Sealed-for-life leaf chain rollers offer maintenance free properties. Sealing lubricant inside the pulley eliminates the need for costly pivot pins with grease nipples and crossed drilled holes. This increases the time between service intervals and minimises machine downtime. The running diameter should be a minimum of 5x the pitch of the chain.

The larger the diameter, the longer life of the chain. So a chain pulley with only x 4 pitch will reduce chain life by 25% while a pulley with 7 x pitch will increase chain life by 33%.
The running surface of the pulley needs to be hard, and slightly more than the chain hardness, so it is the chain plates that wear and not the chain pulley. It is also recommended that the working faces of the pulley are hardened to 50 HRC (Rockwell C Hardness) minimum. If space is an issue, adjustments can be made to the flange diameter and the flange angle – however, it is recommended that the flange is always above the centre line of chain.

When designing a leaf chain pulley (also known as a leaf chain roller or leaf chain sheave), it is important to consider the following international standard: ISO4347. Leaf chains, clevises and sheaves. Dimensions, measuring forces, tensile strengths and dynamic strengths.

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