Leaf Chain Just In Time Delivery

Ensuring you have enough stock for every eventuality can mean storing large amounts of stock requiring expensive warehouse space and the associated overheads.

What if production changes?

You may be stuck with stock you cannot use, or on the other hand, a sudden increase in demand could leave you struggling to keep up. That money invested in stock and the space to store it would be better invested in other parts of the business. You may even find that a lack of warehouse space for stock will start to limit your expansion plans.

It’s a problem that many industries face and it’s why the idea of Just In Time has proved so popular – combining lean manufacturing with responsive suppliers who can supply at the last minute – reliably delivering what you need, when you need it.

This Just In Time methodology has proved its worth, increasing manufacturing efficiency and reducing the need for costly warehouse space.

Here at FB Chain we are experts in lean manufacturing logistics to improve efficiency, reduce on-hand inventory and free up space for core operations. We can integrate with your systems so that the right assemblies are delivered at the right time – automatically.

We can adjust our deliveries to cater for fluctuations in the market – or increase deliveries to match sudden demand.

Our rapid response capabilities eliminate the need to keep surplus sock in store “just in case”. Reliable, consistent and flexible – we can be your trusted partner in a just in time manufacturing strategy.

If you would like to discuss how we could support your manufacturing with our Just In Time logistics solutions, get in touch. We would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.