Chain anchor plates

Leaf Chain Anchor Plates

Designed to hold multiple chain lengths in the limited space inside telescopic booms, FB leaf chain anchor plates are manufactured from high-grade alloy steel at least as strong as the chain they are fitted to. Careful attention is paid to the relationship between slots and fixing holes to ensure even load distribution.

The leaf chain is selected based on its tensile strength with the safety factor required by the design standard of the machine it’s fitted to balanced against space the available. In the vast majority of leaf chain applications one or two chains share the working. Where space limits the selection of one large leaf chain, multiple strands of leaf chain can be employed although this presents a number of challenges, particularly with the chain anchors. Using multiple lengths of leaf chain can also be problematical as you need to consider both pitch length tolerance and load equalisation. 

Leaf chain Anchor plates can be designed to hold two, three and four chains if space allows. We recommended that each chain is secured with its own leaf chain anchor pin.  

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