AL1044 Leaf Chain

Series AL: AL series (American Light) chain, manufactured to the ANSI B29.9 standard, is constructed from American standard roller chain components. AL series chain is lightweight chain used for light load lifting applications and machine tools.

Leaf chain AL1044. AL1044 FB leaf chain has a tensile strength of 202.08kN.

Diagram of AL1044
Image of AL1044
Pitch PPin Diameter APlate Thickness BPlate Depth CPin Length DWeightBreaking StrengthBreaking Strength
Imperial1 ¼“0.375“0.161“1.024“1.461“3.454lbs/ft45402.4lbs 
LacingLacing StyleISO Standard (kN)Maximum working load (kg)ISO Standard Number
4 x 4123708kg

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