Am I feeling great, fantastic or brilliant today?

Whenever I go the gym, the well-trained receptionists invariably greet me with a polite ‘how are you today?’ I always respond cheerfully, saying I’m great, fantastic or brilliant. But too often their reply is less than positive.

How can you always be so positive?” the head receptionist asked me recently after two years of our little exchanges. Well, I have my health, two wonderful children, a loving wife and run a successful business, staffed by amazing people. She laughed: “No, you are really positive. What’s your secret?” This is what I told her.

  1. Telling others I feel great makes me feel better even if the day is not going so well. I also find that a ‘not bad’ or ‘not so good’ response encourages others to share their less than positive thoughts with me – and two bad moods do not a good one make!
  2. I like to keep a list of things that FB Chain has achieved in the last few years and when I’m feeling under the weather, these successes cheer me up. It’s amazing how far we’ve come! I encourage my team to keep their own achievements lists too.
  3. I set myself goals and they help me to feel I am in control. While it’s good to set realistic ones, I also like to challenge myself. I would rather set 20 goals and fail a few than only set goals I know I will achieve.
  4. I believe that you are responsible for your life and can change it if you want to. If you are unhappy, do something about it!
  5. Always appreciate others and let them know. Telling others about great service you’ve received spreads positivity all around.

The next time I saw the receptionist, she wished me a ‘fantastically great workout.’ We both laughed but thanks to her newfound positivity, my gym session was indeed just that bit better than usual.

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