Guide to leaf chain for telehandlers

Everything you need to know about how leaf chain should be incorporated into telehandler design and why leaf chain assemblies can often be the best solution – simplifying the design, manufacture, and compliance stages for safety-critical materials handling applications.

Key design considerations

Leaf chain size, construction and materials have a direct impact on a chain’s strength and lifting capacity and are crucial in ensuring optimum performance, avoiding equipment damage and maintaining safety.

If the chain that controls a telehandler boom should fail or break during use, the consequences will be severe – with the potential for:

  • damage to the vehicle 
  • damage to the load 
  • loss of production
  • repair costs
  • serious personal injury

So what are the factors a design engineer should consider when deciding on the right leaf chain, and leaf chain products, for a telehandler application?

On this page, we:

  • outline the key features of leaf chain and its importance for telehandler boom design
  • look at the characteristics of bespoke leaf chain assemblies
  • explore the value they offer in terms of improved product design, increased safety and enhanced efficiency of manufacture.
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