Our very own leaf chain Statto

After 25 of service, there is not a make and model of forklift that Martin Green cannot instantly match to the right leaf chain – and it is thanks to his dedication that we have a well-informed and capable team voted the FLTA’s Supplier of the Year.

In the mid-90s, comedians Frank Skinner and David Baddiel hosted what was possibly the best football TV show ever, Fantasy Football League. Periodically, they would hurl questions at Angus Loughran aka Statto – like ‘How many goals did Francis Lee score in 1973?’ or ‘How many throw-ins were there in the 1969 Cup Final?’ – and with lightening speed and without the assistance of Google, he would fire back the correct answer.

Sitting behind the breakfast bar in the lads’ fantasy flat, wearing his dressing gown and pyjamas, Statto was initially the butt of the jokes. But as we came to understand his genius, he grew to legend status as the human computer of sporting statistics. In Martin Green, FB Chain has its very own leaf chain Statto.

Over the 25 years Martin has been with us, he has amassed an encyclopaedic knowledge of the type of leaf chain fitted to many pieces of equipment, particularly forklift trucks. We have a database matching more than 25,000 makes and models to chain types but Martin’s head seems to contain even more. When a customer mentions the smallest of details, like they have a 1982 Boss forklift painted yellow, he knows it has a special chain anchor pin length.

Martin has been involved in a few different areas of the business but he always gravitates back to working with our aftermarket customers who repair materials handling equipment. It is what he enjoys and excels at.

In the last 10 years Martin has also played a key role in coaching new members of staff, offering his knowledge and expertise. By leveraging his experience and skills, we have been able to keep a steady flow of well-informed staff, who are equipped to operate in many areas of our business. His enormous contribution in this respect is clear to all at the company.

The extra mile

What people sometimes do not see is the sheer lengths Martin will go to in ensuring the highest levels of service for our forklift customers. He often appears in my office at the end of the day after everyone has gone to make a strong case for extra stock or resources for his customers. And it is this passion that proved instrumental in us being voted the FLTA’s Supplier of the Year.

Many customers will know Martin has a great love for football but I think you would find it very hard to find a football player who has performed as consistently as him over 25 years.

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