super shield anti corrosion fork lift chainFB SuperShield corrosion resistant leaf chain has been specifically designed for forklifts and materials handling applications that are directly exposed to wet conditions and road salts.

The FB SuperShield coating involves a three stage process where leaf chain is pre-treated, then applied with a coating and a further top coat. . In our test cabinet, which aims to simulate harsh, corrosive environments, standard leaf chain begins to rust after around 12 hours and zinc plated leaf chain rusts after around 70 hours. However, FB SuperShield corrosion resistant leaf chain stays rust-free even after 500 hours. In normal conditions, this is the equivalent of 5 years without rust.

Once Supershield corrosion resistant leaf chain has been brought into service, it can be treated like any other chain and must be lubricated on a regular basis to prevent elongation caused by wear.

If your forklifts operate outside or in harsh environments or frequently need to be washed down, SuperShield corrosion will save you the cost and effort of replacing rusting forklift chain. 

By avoiding acids or electrolysis in the coating process, SuperShield corrosion resistant leaf chain is not subject to hydrogen embrittlement which often occurs during the electroplating process and is frequently associated with zinc plated chain. Furthermore, in contrast to stainless steel and zinc-plated chain, SuperShield corrosion resistant leaf chain does not lose breaking strength.  

Key Features

Salt Spray Performance

500hrs guaranteed in 5% neutral salt spray test (ISO3768 / ASTM B117).

Solvent Resistant

When SuperShield is cured on the metal surface, the coating becomes inorganic and, therefore, resistant to solvents, gasoline, brake fluids, etc.

Hydrogen Embrittlement Free

The absence of acids or electrolysis in the coating process assures freedom from hydrogen embrittlement, which is commonly associated with electroplating processes.

Heat Resistance

290°C to 300°C

Solvent Resistance