As leaf chain specialists, we are dedicated to ensuring our leaf chains are as safe and of the highest quality as possible. You will notice the following key features:

High tensile strength – All FB leaf chain is at least 20% stronger than the requirement of the international standard ISO4347. We have achieved this high level of tensile strength by carefully selecting the most appropriate raw materials and heat treatments. However, we have also sought to reach the optimum balance between strength and resistance to wear and shock loading.

Batch identification plate – All FB leaf chains have a silver coated identification plate fitted at regular intervals to one side of the chain on the outer link. The usual spacing for such a plate is approximately 1250mm.  This plate carries the chain’s unique test certificate number.

leaf chain batch identification plate close-up

Test certificates – Each FB leaf chain is issued with an FB Test Certificate. What distinguishes an FB Chain test certificate from other leaf chain test certificates is that each one is unique. The batch identification number is clearly shown and can be matched to the number on each chain. The document contains our internal reference number as well as the customer order number and the job and fleet number if required.  

Leaf Chain Test Certificates

Accurate plate alignment – We take great care to ensure plates are accurately aligned. This action ensures that there is no excessive bending or any shear loads exerted on the pin. It also ensures maximum contact area with the chain roller giving even wear on the roller chain and spread chain load evenly.  

No missing link plates - We use a very sophisticated patented automatic system which ensures there are no missing links. The system measures the amount of light passing through the chain and can also be used to indentify under size components and poor rivets.

Accurate plate alignment diagram   

Lubrication – Before they leave the factory, all FB chains are lubricated by full immersion. Whilst immersed they are articulated to ensure the oil reaches the areas where it will have the greatest impact between the plates and pins.  Our standard lubricant is a special blend of oils which offers optimum service life

missing link plate diagram