leaf chain forklift lift truck imperial pitch BL 634FB leaf chain manufacturing is focused on imperial pitch leaf chains that include International Standards ISO4347, DIN8152, ANSI B29.8 & NFE26107 (BL-LH series leaf chain); ANSI B29.8 (AL series leaf chain); and ISO4347, DIN8152 & NFE26107 (EL-LL series leaf chain). We offer different materials and manufacturing methods to suit the most demanding leaf chain applications.

FB leaf chains have been developed over time to ensure high fatigue strength and long service life with minimum elongation as a result of wear.

FB leaf chain is made from specialist steels that have been specifically chosen for their ability to withstand high shock loads after heat treatment whilst retaining their basic strength and wear resistant properties.

Long working life

Link plates are re-punched to correct the taper that typically results from conventional blanking. The re-punched whole is accurate and parallel and, therefore, considerably increases the fatigue strength of the chain.

Superior fatigue strength

By precision grinding the rivet pins as well as double-punching the link plates, there is constant pin to plate contact which allows all chain elements share the load equally. This minimizes the bearing pressure, thus reducing the wear rate.

Precision toleranced to minimize wear rate

Shot peening fortifies chain link plates and pins against fatigue failure. Peening is a high-speed process designed to increase fatigue strength by removing blemishes and creating beneficial compressive stresses on the surface.

The correct seating of the chain elements is assured by pre-loading the assembled chain. This increases chain life by minimizing the initial chain elongation. All FB manufacturing procedures follow the ISO 9000 Quality Management System and each batch of leach chain is uniquely numbered. Each chain is issued with a test certificate which details the minimum breaking load and the proof load applied. By using the test certificate numbers the chain can be traced back through the manufacturing process to the raw material.

Quality, specification and traceability of safety critical parts must never be compromised.