Chain wear stretch tool accurate gaugeBefore attempting any comparison of these methods for measuring chain wear, it is worth noting that the FB chain gauge was specifically designed to address the issues frequently experienced by service technicians when using a tape or steel rule.

The FB chain wear gauge was invented following extensive research into chain wear measurement. In particular, the researchers at FB noticed that a certain number of the tape/steel rules produced by major OEMs used measured lengths of 12-15 inches. Concluding that there was much room for improvement, FB aimed to create a tool that would be precise, sturdy and simple to use.

By designing a chain gauge that is simple and straightforward to use, FB felt that the ease, consistency and accuracy of the measurement process would be greatly improved. FB also recognised that a compromise would have to be made when determining the length of chain to be measured. If a chain is measured over too great a length, there is a risk of diluting the true extent of the wear. However, if the length of chain measured is not long enough, a far greater level of accuracy is required than is typically available out in the field.

The FB Professional Chain Wear Gauge features ‘V’-jaws at either end for positive pin location. This takes the guesswork out of aligning the measurement device with the pin centre line. There is strong evidence to suggest that it is almost impossible to accurately find the centre line using other ‘visual’ methods. The FB chain gauge also features a window displaying a direct reading of chain wear.  This removes the need to perform any arithmetical calculations which may potentially lead to confusion and error.

FB Chain worked closely with the HSE in drafting the BITA guidance note GN15 and, therefore, strongly recommends that Competent Persons should follow all the guidelines stated within it.

The FB Professional Chain Wear Gauge has been specifically designed to aid Competent Persons in complying fully with the GN15 process.

The essential features needed for the accurate measurement of chain by Competent Persons are as follows.

  • The chain gauge must be accurate.
  • The results must be consistent and repeatable.
  • The results must be clear and not require calculation.
  • The results must be easily demonstrated to end users.
  • The instrument must be simple to use by both Engineers and laymen.
  • The instrument must be sturdy and look professional.