Leaf chain pulley roller sheave pulley design tipsWhen designing a leaf chain pulley (also known as a leaf chain roller or leaf chain sheave), it is important to consider the following international standards (ISO4347).

 For normal wear life rates it is recommended that:

  1. The minimum running diameter of the pulley is equal to 5 times the nominal pitch of the chain.
    Running diameter = 5 x nominal chain pitch
  1. The minimum width between the flanges is 1.05 times the pin length (or width over riveted bearing pins).
    Width between flanges = 1.05 x pin length
  1. The  minimum outside diameter (or flange diameter) is the running diameter plus the link plate height.
    Outside diameter = running diameter + plate height

The above dimensions can vary according to space and application requirements but it should be noted that any deviation from the recommended standard will result in either an increase or decrease in chain wear.

By increasing the diameter of the pulley, the angle of articulation will decrease, leading to less wear. By decreasing the diameter of the pulley, the angle of articulation will increase, leading to more wear.

The speed and frequency of operation must, therefore, also be considered when designing pulleys, rollers or sheaves for leaf chain.

It is also recommended that the working faces of the pulley are hardened to 50 HRC minimum. The pulley must be designed to be harder than the leaf chain so that it is the easily replaceable chain and not the pulley that is subject to wear.

FB leaf chain pulleys (including double strand pulleys) can be manufactured to order according to your specific designs. We are also able to work with you to design a pulley, roller or sheave that is best suited to your individual needs. Please contact us to discuss your leaf chain pulley requirements.