Leaf Chain Products

We have provided leaf chain, bolts and pulleys and super shield leaf chain

  • Leaf Chain

    Leaf Chain

      FB leaf chain manufacturing is focused on International Standards ISO4347, DIN8152, ANSI B29.8 & NFE26107 (BL-LH series leaf chain); ANSI B29.8 (ALseries leaf chain); and ISO4347, DIN8152 & NFE26107 (EL-LL series leaf chain). We offer different materials and manufacturing methods to suit the most demanding leaf chain applications.

  • Bolts and Pulleys

    Bolts and Pulleys

      We supply leaf chain anchor bolts (leaf chain clevises) and leaf chain pulleys (leaf chain sheaves) individually and in bespoke OEM chain assembly kits and package solutions. An in-house design service as well as specific heat treatments and integral bushings or bearings can be provided according to specification.

  • Super Shield

    Super Shield

      SuperShield leaf chain corrosion resistant leaf chain which has been specifically designed for forklifts and materials handling applications that are directly exposed to wet conditions and road salts.

  • Chain Wear Gauge

    Chain Wear Gauge

      The FB Professional Chain Wear Gauge is a precision tool for the accurate measurement of chain elongation (chain wear) in imperial pitch leaf chain, forklift chain and roller chain. It is widely used in the Thorough Examination of lifting equipment in the LOLER and PUWER regulations and allows service technicians to spot potential chain failure.